I suffered a very bad back injury and have dealt with tons of doctors and prescriptions in order to alleviate my pains. After years of trial and error, I decided to try Medical Marijuana as an alternative to all the drugs I was taking. Low and behold, it worked for me. I have since stopped taking the “painkilling cocktails” that were prescribed by the “experts” and have exclusively used medicinal ganja to medicate for my pain.

I started off medicating via smoking the weed and that was just fine in the beginning. Over time, smoking started taking a toll on my lungs. I’m a very active person and am always hiking and doing outdoors “stuff” so this wasn’t going to work for the long haul. Then one day I got introduced to vaporizers and it’s been a different story since then. I got educated about the differences between smoking and vaping and my eyes were opened to a safer alternative. My lungs are happier since I started using vaporizers. I’m very passionate about having a safer alternative to medicating myself.

This site was created because I’ve run across many fellow medicinal Maryjane users who were uninformed of this different method of medicating. I also encounter a lot of vape enthusiasts who enjoy a quality vaping product and see its value. this is my way of sharing the wealth of knowledge over the years.

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