Top Vapes of 2019

What are the Best Portable Vaporizers?

With so many options available out there, the following is intended to help you determine which vaporizer best suits your personal needs but most importantly your style.

The immediate gratification and its discrete design make portable vaporizers allow you to live uninhibited, so it goes without saying that vape pens are here to stay. A skeptic myself unsure of these expensive devices after trialing a few of them, I must admit I have had a change of heart.

Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy my joints (and bong at home) but the advanced technology and convenience portable vapes provide allows medicating and enjoyment just about anywhere without the stigma. Handheld vaporizers have been tested to be substantially safer on the lungs compared to smoking joints but most importantly their heating efficiency has also been reported to get you higher. Realizing the numerous benefits and advantages of portable vaporizers most are incorporating vaping into their lifestyle, so I humbly share my personal Top 10 Portable Vaporizers list.

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Top 5 Best Table-Top Vaporizers of 2019

Tabletop vaporizers are easily the most effective way to enjoy your favorite herbs. In spite of facing stiff competition from the portable and pen types, tabletops are not going out of style anytime soon. These guys are built to last and although you can get a solid draw using vape pens they’re just no comparison to these at home vaporizers. A word of warning, don’t invest in one unless you’re an avid user. If you are just getting acquainted with this process then a portable vaporizer will do you just fine.

Why Buy A Table-Top Vaporizer?

The reason why I highly recommend using larger vaporizers that aren’t mobile is that their effectiveness and durability are unmatched. No other vaporizers can produce the thick, pure and satisfying smoke characteristic of tabletops. They will also last forever with regular maintenance. Complaints about the functionality are very rare. A gadget that can be trusted to give you a perfect fit every time. These babies are sturdy and meant to last. Last but not least, they’re drawn (or delivery of vapor) is huge compared to vape pens and portables.

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