A Connoisseur’s Guide To Vaporizers and Vape Pens

Whether you’re an avid smoker looking for the best portable vaporizer or you’re just now getting acquainted with the world of vapes and want to learn more, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to break down everything you ever wanted to know about the vaporizer and review the top vaporizers on the market so you can get the best vape pens for or tabletop vaporizers your needs.

 What is a Vaporizer?

vaporizer or vape is a device that is used to heat up weed (and concentrates) to a high enough temperature in which it releases the weeds active ingredient and transforms it into its aromatic vapor form. Vaporizing has become a widely accepted alternative to smoking cannabis outright. It’s much easier on the lungs (I should know) because it negates a lot of the respiratory toxins that naturally exist in the marijuana plant and are released when smoked. Basically your everyday vaporizer, like the G Pen, for example,  allows you to consume the active ingredients in cannabis while avoiding inhaling any of the bad stuff. Many seasoned smokers also go as far as filter the vapor smoke with ice or water, in order to get an even smoother hit. This is usually done using home vaporizers.

 Differences Between Smoking and Vaporizing

Little known fact: There’s quite a difference in the quality of smoke when you compare smoking vaporizers versus igniting the cannabis in a pipe. When you smoke out of a pipe or bong, about 89% of the smoke contains non-cannabinoid elements. These elements to not get you high and provide various potential health risks.

Vaping VS Smoking

Vapor smoking, on the other hand, can produce up to 99% cannabinoids (WOW). Basically an entire lot of vaporizer weed smoke consists of the same active ingredients that produce the calming and euphoric effects you get from weed. This compared to the meager 11% when using an ignition is substantial enough for anyone to reconsider buying a portable vaporizer.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Switch To A Vaporizer

As you can see from the info-graph above, there are many reasons why you should be using an herb vaporizer pen (check out the Vaporite Solo Vape)but if that’s not enough, let me break it down for you.

1. It’s Healthier – it doesn’t matter what you’re smoking, it’s going to affect your health. Give your lungs a break and minimize the crap that you’re inhaling by only taking in the vapors and not the smoke. This means there’s no tar or carbon monoxide creeping into your body.
2. Less coughing – there are hundreds of fewer chemicals you’re inhaling so it would make sense that you are going to be coughing less. It’s no fun to couch a lot and with smoking, it gets worse over time. I know some of your potheads are reading this and thinking “shit I’m good”…well go run a mile and tell me how those wonderful tar-covered lungs are feeling.
3. No More Inhaling the Lighter Fluid – Smoking out of a traditional piece means using lighters and when you’re using a lighter you’re basically inhaling the lighter fluid coming out of that fire. I cannot begin to talk about all the hazards of taking in lighter fluid so we’ll keep it simple. Lighter fluid = Bad.
4. No More Smelly Rooms – this is a favorite for those sneak-a-tokers cause the smell goes away super-fast. You’ll only smell it for a few minutes and it’s all clear. The smell from smoking reefer lingers for hours (up to 5 in my experience) and that just doesn’t fly for a lot of people. Well using a vape pen for dry herb will solve this problem
5. Cost-Effective – I know this doesn’t sound right if you’re shelling out a few hundred bucks for a vapor pipe but hear me out. These things are extremely efficient and use much less ganja in order to get the same high. This is actually one of the main selling points of converting from traditional smoking methods. Less bud goes much farther with vapes.
6. Controlling Your Dose – having temperature control allows you to tweak your hit by either making it milkier and stronger with a higher heat level or if that’s too much you can make it lighter with lower heat to suit your needs. If you like the heavier hits, you’ll find that it is a whole lot easier on you than ripping out of a bong.
7. Keep Taste Buds – the act of smoking tends to do a number on your taste buds over time. By using a vape or vape pen you minimize this effect.
8. Minimal Second Hand Smoke – because it produces no smoke at all, this reduces the effects of second-hand consumption by unwanted peeps around you.
9. More Discreet – it’s much easier to sneak-a-toke with these guys. Because there’s no smoke and the smell is mild, marijuana vaporizers are ideal for handling your business in public places. This was a huge reason to convert for me. I hate people being all noisy and shit.
10. Convenience – convenience is super important, especially for those who are on the go. This is a quick way to enjoy your buds and get on with your day.

History of Vaporizers & The Story of Eagle Bill

The act of vaporizing plants for medicinal purposes has been around for centuries but this method of distracting the active ingredients to weed was introduced only 2 decades ago. In 1993 a Cherokee marijuana medicine man and activist by the name of Frank William Wood, or better known as Eagle Bill, learned about vaporizing weed from a California grower. This new method (at the time) of consuming cannabis consisted of using a heat gun to vaporize marijuana.

Now before we go any further it’s important to note that Eagle Bill wasn’t just a stoner, he had over 30 years of expertise in growing cannabis and fully devoted his life to properly educating people about marijuana being a viable alternative medicine.

After finding this new safer method of consuming his medicine, he pioneered a modified version of vaporizing weed and came out with “Eagle Bill’s Peace Pipe of The Future.” This newly created pipe came to be known as the Shake & Vape. Its simple design was based on an ancient Egyptian method of heating stones in order to vaporizer herbs.

Eagle Bill’s Trip To Amsterdam

In 1994 Bill took a trip to Amsterdam and made friends with a fellow cannabis connoisseur by the name of Ben Dronkers who happened to be the owner of Sensi Seed Company, a “seed bank” or medical marijuana seed distributor. They hit it off and in the 1994 Cannabis Cup, Dronkers allows Bill to set up shop and demonstrate this amazing new technology to the world’s marijuana community. This was the seed that grew to be the marijuana vaporizer craze.

Before his death in 2005 Bill invented many different types of vaporizers and he single-handedly put the modern era of herbal vaping on the map.

Eagle Bill and Paris Hilton at the Hash Marijuana Hemp Museum in Amsterdam

Opened The Door To New Marijuana Vaporizer Technology

This new technology inspired a fellow smoker by the name of Evert to create his own better version of Eagle Bill’s Shake & Vape called Verdamper (Dutch for vaporizer). Bill’s jar based vaporizer proved to be very leaky and wasn’t exactly user-friendly so Evert made history by creating the first generation of what is now considered to put out some of the smoothest, purest and cleanest hits possible.

This was the start of a change in the tide. New vapes with like Atmos have come into the game and even funky style but sturdy pen vaporizers like the Trippy Stix and so many more have come into the game. Choosing the right tool is like choosing a car, there are just so many options out there. Fear not, fellow pothead, you’re in good hands.

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