Top 5 Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Reviews

1. Pax 3 by Ploom 

This is hands down my top favorite vape pen I’ve tried to date from Plooms First-generation Pax to this awesome new Third Generation, it has a unique space-age look and is very simple to use. The small size is ideal for carrying around in your pocket, purse, or book bag but don’t let its size fool you it has many distinctive features and packs a punch stronger than the hulk!

Enjoy Both Dry Herb & Concentrate

Unprecedented Quality:

High-performance from the inside out, PAX 3 features medical-grade materials and a built-in rechargeable battery, for a reliable experience time and again. Backed by a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Unrivaled Intelligence:

High-performance from the inside out, PAX 3 features medical-grade materials and a built-in rechargeable battery, for a reliable experience time and again. Backed by a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Unrivaled Intelligence:

Colored LED lights to provide real-time communication, and the device conveniently vibrates when ready for use. PAX 3 heats when you bring it to your lips and cools when you set it down.

Price: $ 249.99

Rating: 4.94.9 Stars

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2. Firefly 2+ (plus)

When I tried the Firefly vapes I instantly saw and felt the difference in improvements from the first generations loose leaf to it’s improved heating elements that are almost instant. This guy consists of sophisticated electronics that ensure a reliable digital temperature control to heat up your herbs without burning, Plus its concentrate feature for you dab lovers out there. The firefly lets you enjoy clean, pure hits. With it coming in hot as our number 2 portable vaporizer I tend to use it around the house the most, due to its shape.

Enjoy Both Dry Herb & Concentrate

FireFly 2+ Companion APP:

The free smartphone app allows the user to fully customize airflow and temperature from 200 °F–500 °F, the widest range available in any portable vaporizer.* Automatic firmware updates that ensure you’ll always be at the cutting edge of vaporization, although temperature can also be adjusted on the device without the app.

More Effective Convection Heating Capabilities:

Firefly’s patented heating technology – Dynamic Convection – moves smoothly up the temperature scale throughout each pull, The borosilicate glass bowl and vapor path help deliver pure flavor in addition to making the Firefly 2+ very easy to load and clean.

Comparison & Differences:

The award-winning designers of Firefly 2+ crafted the body of the device from the same high-grade alloys used on NASA spaceships.

Price: $249.95

Rating: 4.84.8 Stars

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3. The DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ is a premium portable device that fits nicely into your slim jeans and vaporizes dry herb in style! The editors at slick vapes can not seem to put this thing down! The easy-to-load ceramic heating chamber produces strong and flavorful vapor in a matter of seconds. Featuring an exclusive Smart Path technology, Davinci IQ allows users to create their own vaping experience with the precise four-set temperature control system. Its anodized aluminum casing protects the device from damage. Slick 51 LED grid display provides a sophisticated ultra-modern feel while you enjoy the purest vapor.

Enjoy Dry Herbs 

Purest Flavor:

The level of flavor has elevated because of IQ’s mouthpiece. Users can draw only the purest flavor you’ll ever taste from a vaporizer.

Smart Path Technology:

With the Smart Path Technology, user will be able to choose from 4 different temperature settings and let the device automatically set the best temperature for you. It’s as simple as that.

APP Enabled Device

The new app allows the user to have full control over the session. Users can track their smart path usage and see more information about the device maximizing the capabilities and functions. Now you can turn on your vaporizer using your smartphone.

Price: $ 274.99

Rating: 4.54.5 Stars

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4. Arizer Solo 2 

Looking to vape your loose leaf (dry herb) and produce vapor clouds with no learning curve? Well, the Arizer Solo 2 is a BEASTWe’re not joking. Compared to other popular semi-portable vaporizers, this device maintains a great temperature and even smiles at you when you turn it on (our favorite feature). The Solo II features a quick heat-up time and big bright display, along with a grip that does never gets too hot to touch.

Enjoy Dry Herbs

Easy Cleaning:

Easily clean the glass aroma tubes by soaking them in an alcohol solution. You can use a plastic resealable bag to soak them and rinse after a few minutes or overnight depending on how much time you have.


Equipped with a more powerful 3400mAh battery, Arizer Solo 2 is faster and stronger than its predecessor, offering a more convenient and satisfying vaping experience. The unit heats three times faster, leaving little wait time. You can take a quick hit and go about your day.

Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty:

That’s right, lifetime warranty on the heating element, and a limited 2-Year warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship, excluding battery. Arizer products are designed to be highly efficient and incredibly easy to use, manufactured to the highest standards with the highest quality components, and backed by a solid manufacturer’s warranty & industry-leading customer service.

Price: $ 184.99

Rating: 4.6

5. G Pen Elite 

Grenco Science does it again with its latest product G Pen Elite portable vaporizer for dry herbs. The GPen Elite is the most ergonomic portable vaporizer on the market. This is the new favorite of the dry herb fans that are looking for a vaporizer that is both powerful and smart. It’s very convenient, pocket-friendly and easy to use. Its features include full LED display, temperature control settings, battery level indicator and a chamber with a huge capacity to have a longer and smooth vaping experience.

Enjoy Dry Herbs

G Pen Elite Performance:

The G Pen Elite is a combination of power and performance. You can’t find any other portable vaporizer that can match G Pen Elite.

Precise Temperature Control:

With the precise temperature settings of G Pen Elite, users will be able to set the heat from 200° – 428°F. It also has a + and – button so you can easily adjust the settings.

Ceramic Chamber:

Unlike with the G Pro, the GPen Elite can hold up dry materials up to .75 grams. That’s about double the size of any portable vaporizer.  G Pen Elite has a feature of high quality 360° ceramic.

Price: $89.99

Rating: 4.5

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