Ultimate G Pro DGK Vaporizer Review


Grenco Vaporizers have brought us some amazing wax and concentrate vaporizers since they were founded in 2011 in Los Angeles. Since their original pen, they have begun to innovate their designs. The G Pro DGK vaporizer was designed in affiliation with the G Life skate team sponsored by Grenco.

This specific model is all in the swag, the vaporizer performs quite well but the real money is in the extra goodies that the DGK crew has customized solely with the vaper (or skater) in mind.

G Pro DGK Vape Basics

The DGK Pro charges with a micro USB charger plugged into the bottom of the unit. It should charge up quickly. As you charge the front button will shine red and change to green once at capacity. When fully charged you should get about 1-3 days worth of sessions before having to charge again. The vape itself is a bit more snazzy than the G Pro Original, the body is green camouflage while the rest of the unit remains the same as it’s predecessor. The large front button also acts as an indicator light for temperature settings, heat up times and battery life. When the battery is low you will see five fast flashes of red light to let you know it’s time to plug it in.


Each session can take up to .6 of finely ground dry botanical and last you about 10-15 draws.  When vaping you are able to set your portable device to three different temperatures, settings correlate to a color system. The temperature of the stainless steel convection style chamber can be set to 380 degrees (showing a Red light), 420 degrees (showing a green light) and 480 degrees (showing a blue light). While heating the unit will display a red light that changes to green upon full heating. Once your temp is set the unit should heat in 60-90 seconds.


G Pro boasts one of the easiest one click and vape portable units, and it seems that they deliver. Do keep in mind that this vaporizer, although true convection, is also made with plastic. It is never wise to use a vape that has plastic in the same location as the heating unit, as eventually, you will be smoking plastic. But from what we’ve seen thus far, there isn’t danger or the taste of burning materials from the piece. Smoke delivered is thick and tasty, just make sure you mix the chamber every 4-5 hits to ensure as little of the burnt taste as you can. Also, do be sure to use your cleaning brush directly after every session or you will have resin build up quickly.


To Use this Dry Vaporizer:

  1. Fully charge G Pro DGK vape with the micro USB charger. Turn on vape with five rapid clicks of the button and light will shine green.
  2. Hold down the button for two seconds until color changes to indicate the desired temp, while heating the button will be red. It will shine green once the vaporizer has heated to the desired temperature.
  3. Finely grind buds, place about .4-.6 into herb chamber underneath mouthpiece. Pop mouthpiece off by clicking to the side. Always tamp the buds down a bit.
  4. Once the chamber is loaded and the mouthpiece is snapped back on, just push the button and inhale.
  5. Stir the herbs about 5 draws in to avoid a burnt taste. Once finished empty chamber completely and use a cleaning brush to ensure no resin builds up on the sides.
  6. Mid-session, if you believe it will last longer than the allotted 3 minutes, click the button 10 times rapidly to reset the timer.


What Makes the DGK Vape Special?

DGK is a great skate crew, the fact that G Pro sponsors a skate team is cool on its own but they have created a swag fest with their skate team sponsored portable vaporizer. Aside from the decorated body type, you will find some other sweet surprises from the G Life skate team tacked on to this G Pro model. The warranty is the usual from G Pro, one year on all electronics.


Stevie Williams and the other DGK boys have created an entire kit for your vaping pleasure. For $130 you can not only get your state of the art convection vaporizer, but they have included a stainless steel dog tag grinder card from V Syndicate, a matching camo traveling case and Boo Johnson’s first featured skate film; Blood Money on DVD. The traveling case is perfect for the skateboarder on the go, you can vaporizer stealthily and then carry it stealthily since it just looks like a backpack.


Each unit comes with:

1 Mouthpiece

1 Cleaning Brush

1 Filter

3 Mouthpiece Sleeves

1 Wired USB Charger

1 G Card Grinder

1 DGK – G Travel Pouch

5 Filter Screens

2 Extended Mouthpiece Sleeves

1 Instruction Manual



  • True convection style vaping, no combustion.
  • Small size, easy to travel; especially with an included bag!
  • Love the collaboration with the skateboarding world, shows business savvy from G Pro.
  • Extra Swag!


  • Plastic elements in the manufacturing of heating chamber.
  • Burnt taste mid-session, you can’t vape a whole .6 chamber without burning your herbs.
  • Warranty is lackluster, especially since you are paying for non-vaporizer items with this specific model.


The Final Verdict

Grenco has brought us a vaporizer customized to the needs of the modern skateboarder, truly innovative from what we’ve seen on the market nowadays. While other companies are solely focused on the newest technologies and unnecessary functionality of their vapes, Grenco vaporizers seem to have changed their focus to the user. With their DGK vape and some others (Floral Series, Snoop Dogg G Pro, etc.) they have found the niches of those vaping and catered to them.


Skaters will really appreciate the traveling back whether they’re skating to their next location or getting kicked out of it by security; their vaporizer will travel completely incognito. I give this vape an 8 out of 10 because I would like to see an improvement in the vaping experience and see all the plastic taken out of the heating chamber. But it is a great piece of machinery in that it delivers high quality, true convection flower vaporizer for under $200.

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