Ultimate G Pro Original Vaporizer Review

The mission of Grenco Science, based out of Los Angeles, is to combine portability with functionality, it seems the G Vape series has nailed just that. Their early fame is for bringing one of the first portable wax and concentrate pens, so we were stoked to see them put out a quality piece of machinery for dry botanical’s as well.


G Pro Vaporizer Basics

The unit stands about 5 inches tall and is made of BPA free black plastic that’s covered with black rubber to ensure that it never burns your hand, although it does get quite hot around the mouthpiece. This epic battery lasts about 1-3 days depending on the frequency of usage.

To charge plug the micro USB into the bottom of the piece, 

when charging the button will shine red and turn green when fully charged. Turning on the unit takes five rapid clicks of the button and then the light will shine green, once the battery is low that same light will flash red three times.

G Pro operates with a convection herb chamber is made from stainless steel and holds .6 of finely ground flour. After three minutes without activity, the piece will turn itself off to conserve battery power. The front of the unit has a big, easy to see button that changes color to indicate different things about the G Pro.

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How The G Pro works

The G Lite has three temperature settings that are selected by holding the same button-down about two seconds at a time. When it shines red it is set at 320 degrees, green indicates 380 degrees and blue indicates 420 degrees. It heats in about 1.5 minutes and then delivers about 10-15 draws.  


To Use this Grenco Vaporizer:

  1. Fully charge G Pro with a micro USB charger. Turn on vape with five rapid clicks of the button and light will shine green.
  2. Hold down the button for two seconds until color changes to indicate the desired temp, while heating the button will be red. It will shine green once the vaporizer has heated to the desired temperature.
  3. Finely grind buds, place about .4-.6 into herb chamber underneath mouthpiece. Pop mouthpiece off by clicking to the side. Always tamp the buds down a bit.
  4. Once the chamber is loaded and the mouthpiece is snapped back on, just push the button and inhale.
  5. Stir the herbs about 5 draws in to avoid burnt taste. Once finished empty chamber completely and use a cleaning brush to ensure no resin builds up on the sides.
  6. Mid session, if you believe it will last longer than the allotted 3 minutes, click the button 10 times rapidly to reset the timer.

The G Pro Vaporizer Un-boxing


What’s Special About the G Pro?

Grenco vaporizer warranty lasts for 1-year and is good for all electronic components. They retail anywhere between $99.99 and $130 depending on the retailer. The lock function and temperature settings are certainly major draws about this portable vape, I like the color sequence settings. Although you do have to be quite careful to not set the Red color setting thinking it is hot because the red is the lowest temperature. To us, that is just a counter-intuitive sequence for temperature settings in relation to color. Also as we mentioned before there is a bit of an issue with the heating chamber being so close to the mouthpiece.

Even with these little issues related to manufacturing, we were really stoked on the way that this delivered a quality vapor for a consistent amount of time. We love the price point along with functionality, the better vaping flower vaporizers (like the DaVinci or PAX 2) cost almost double the price of the G Pro Vaporizer.


I would prefer a vapor heating chamber that wasn’t made of solely plastic and stainless steel, but at the same time, I prefer not to spend over $200 on a portable vape. This great option for a dry botanical connoisseur can work for experts as well as true beginners.


Each kit comes with:

  • 1 rechargeable G Pro Herbal Vaporizer
  • 1 G Pro mouthpiece
  • 1 G Pro removable filter (housed within the mouthpiece)
  • 5 G Pro filter scenes
  • 1 G Card – a grinder card branded with Grenco Science’s G logo
  • 1 G Pro cleaning brush
  • 2 G Pro extended mouthpiece sleeves
  • 3 G Pro mouthpiece sleeves
  • 1 G Pro Wired USB charge



  • Quality vapor.
  • Super long-lasting battery life.
  • Portable, sleek body build.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Awesome for beginners, one-touch vaping.


  • Low-quality materials.
  • Not the best at vaping a whole bowl with full flavor; slightly burnt popcorn.


The Final Verdict


At the end of the day, a dry herb vaporizer that is portable and long-lasting is almost enough to impress me. Throw in that the G Pro is super affordable and vapes some thick, tasty bowls that makes almost a complete hole in one. We would like to see some improvements in the heating chamber, although it is much appreciated that they use true convection vaporizing. We give the G Pro a 9 out of 10, ranking above the K-Vape because of their color options in the rest of the Advanced Series from Grenco.

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