Ultimate G Pro Snoop Dogg Series Vaporizer Review

When G Pro started collaborating with different stylish entities to create their G Pro Herbal series we were really excited. From the ultra-trendy Black Scale to the subdued Original style, they all function well and pack a huge punch of style. Grenco Vaporizers took the vape game one step further by appealing to the personalized style of its users. Snoop Dogg has now designed two flower vapes and one wax pen for Grenco, but this review is for his first special edition vaporizer that is still on the market for a limited time.

With his new album Bush, Snoop has released two new devices; the G Pen and the G Pro Herbal Bush series. This series is fantastic, but we are reviewing his original Double G series of pens. The draw on purchasing the older model is that Grenco supplies all of the backup accessories that match this device but are not yet there with the Double G Bush series just yet. Both are awesome pieces, just like most Grenco Vaporizers, but we are here to tell you about the Grenco G Pro Double G original series for dry herbs, a great alternative to smoking your buds.


The G Pro Snoop Dogg Pen Basics

This piece charges through a mini USB port located at the bottom of the unit. It takes about 1.5-2 hours to get a full charge, once charged it will last you 1-3 days depending on the rate of usage. The unit stands about 5 inches high and is quite beautiful aesthetically. It has a blue plastic plate on the front of the vape with the activation and temperature setting button, it’s also moniker-ed with an SD obviously repping the Dogg who designed it. The body is decorated with blue cannabis leaves on a white backdrop, definitely not incognito but for legal patients, it shouldn’t matter.

Turn on your vape with five rapid clicks of the button and turn it off the same way. As with the others in the G Pro Herbal vape series you can change your vape temperature between three settings. Simply hold down the large, main button for 2-4 seconds and watch the color on the LED light change, now simply select the color that you would prefer to vape your flowers at. Red is 320 degrees, green is 380 and blue is 420 degrees; it does take a bit longer (1-1.5 minutes) to heat up than some other vaporizer options. The bowl works best with finely ground, tamped buds and holds about .6 in the chamber. Try to not surpass .5 with your buds at a time, it just leads to better flavor throughout the chamber. The auto-lock on the piece will turn it off after three minutes without use. Get about 10-15 hits out of a fully packed chamber, just push the button and inhale! It’s just so easy.


How to Use Snoops Vaporizer:

  1. Fully charge G Pro with a micro USB charger. Turn on vape with five rapid clicks of the button and light will shine green.
  2. Hold down the button for two seconds until color changes to indicate the desired temp, while heating the button will be red. It will shine green once the vaporizer has heated to the desired temperature.
  3. Finely grind buds, place about .4-.6 into herb chamber underneath mouthpiece. Pop mouthpiece off by clicking to the side. Always tamp the buds down a bit.
  4. Once the chamber is loaded and the mouthpiece is snapped back on, just push the button and inhale.
  5. Stir the herbs about 5 draws in to avoid a burnt taste. Once finished empty chamber entirely and use a cleaning brush to ensure no resin builds up on the sides.
  6. Mid-session, if you believe it will last longer than the allotted 3 minutes, click the button 10 times rapidly to reset the timer.


Why is The Double G Series Better?

With the Herbal series, G Pro definitely caters to specific personalities with each piece. This option is both for the medical cannabis smoker and for the Snoop fan. This specific unit has a blue motif, with the blue body style and a blue rolling tray coming with. The Snoop Dogg G Pen comes with a blue rolling tray, a collector box, and a grinder card along with the usual extra mouthpieces, screens, and chargers.

It is generally the same except for the difference aesthetically, functionality is identical throughout the entire G Series. The hits are good and effective, albeit a little burnt tasting once you get to the end of the bowl. Each hit is milky with tons of vapor, which I truly appreciate. The heated air passes through the chamber of flower, making it true convection. Some find that the mouthpiece gets too hot but that is why they provide two extra extended mouthpieces with your purchase.


Each kit comes with:

1x mouthpiece

1x filter

5x filter Screens

1x Cleaning Brush

2x Extended Mouthpiece Sleeves

3x mouthpiece Sleeves

1x USB Charger

1x G Card

1x G Tray


  • Designed by Snoop Dogg!!
  • Great functionality, switch temps with ease.
  • So easy to use.
  • Really well-valued price.


  • Hits will taste burnt eventually.


The Final Verdict

I am a huge fan of this vaporizer just like I enjoy all of the other G Pro Herbal series. As far as the customization, I love it. As a SoCal native, I LOVE Snoop so obviously I’m going to be a fan of this one. The blue is super clean and the tray is rad, I like the customization in comparison to the other G Pro Herbal Vaporizer options. I give it a 10 out of 10, I dig it

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