Ultimate Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

The Amazing Herbalizer TableTop Vaporizer Review


This innovative, sleek vaporizer technology was designed by former NASA engineers and presents the community with cutting edge technologies. Herbalizer is based out of San Diego and has been operating since 2013. Although relatively new to the vaporizer community, the co-founders have 35 years combined experience in the aerospace technology field. The goal of the Herbalizer is to provide vapor technology that is not only cutting edge in the field but also easy to use for even the most inexperienced vapee. I think that they succeeded, but the epicly high price points make it a bit more difficult for the ‘everyday man’ to acquire.


How Herbalizer is Different From The Rest

The Herbalizer vaporizer runs off of a 300 watt halogen bulb and heats almost instantly. The temperature can be set manually between 350 and 425 degrees on an LCD screen, which allows you to exactly control the varying intensities of hit to your own personal specifications. It also allows you to decide if you would like to utilize aromatherapy or vapor therapy. Vapor therapy can be achieved with dry herbs or concentrates either using a whip or a bag. On the whip setting you are able to put on an internal fan that gives a more visibly vaporful hit. Herbalizer reviews all point to the same thing: in the battle of Herbalizer vs. Volcano the Herbalizer vape is more in tune with the user’s specifications. The bags blow up with more thick, delicious vapors and the heating time is miniscule (7 seconds from cold to the highest temp). This great table top vape also has a sleek design that doesn’t scream ‘I HAVE A VAPE’ if guests come over like the Volcano does. It can be closed to give off a sophisticated look or it can even be put away in the handled carrying case that it comes in. The design and functionality are superior to most any table top vaporizer that I have seen to date.


The Perks of Getting Herbalized

With the Herbalizer vaporizer you will get some extras and enjoy some awesome perks. The company offers a two year warranty and five years of coverage. As mentioned, the vape comes in a travelling carrying case with four bags, a whip, two aromatherapy pads, a stash case, and grinder card. The fact that it is more attractive, and thus able to be left in your living area discreetly, is a major win for this highly functioning vaporizer option. Herbalizer vaporizer reviews show drastically that it wins out in all areas over other options. It is a versatile product in that you can decide whether you would like to vape flower or concentrate. The ability to switch from a bag to a whip is another truly valuable versatility of this smart vape.


The Votes Are In, Final Ranking

I have to give this amazing vape an 8 out of 10. True, it is a phenomenal product with epic abilities to vape your flower and wax at a finite temperature choice set on an LCD screen. But it is also $729, and the first generation of this product from this company. Give these NASA engineers a bit more time to figure out their process and I guarantee you will see a better product for a more affordable price in a couple of years. However, if money is no object go buy one right now. Seriously. There is no table top vaporizer on the market right now with the capabilities that the Herbalizer vape offers.