Ultimate Magic Flight-Launch Box Vaporizer Review

The magic flight launch box is known to be the smallest vaporizers out in the market but also one of the best working one as well, so if you’re looking for an efficient low profile vape then you’ve got gold with the magic flight box! Even though its known to be one of the smallest vaporizers doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch. It comes with some pretty cool tools but has even cooler add on’s to buy for it and has many different beautiful handcrafted finishes to choose from to fit your style or physique.

Working with Magic Flight Launch Box

The magic flight launch box was a blast to review, it functioned better than expected and has a beautiful handcrafted finish with different types of wood styles to choose from. The quality is unlike your average vaporizer its convection oven allows your herbs to give out very smooth pure and natural tasting hits. It’s quick to get a hang of and had excellent pulls, its originally only for dry herbs but if you are a concentrate smoker you can buy an attachment called a concentrate tray, it works super good too but for the herb smokers out there this is the perfect and fastest loading little vape to have handy.

Its also just a fun vape to play around with when you get the attachments, like the concentrate tray I mentioned so you can versatile your smoking and switch from herbs to waxes and oils and such or there’s the water piece whip which connects to a water pipe or more commonly known as a bong which allows you to have nice cool vape hits with the helping combination of your vape and bong its just super fun to play with when you get any attachment. Now the maintenance isn’t difficult or even hard to keep clean either the vape comes with some cleaning utensils that allow you to get in the hard to reach places to keep your vape in tip-top shape and so your that device is always ready to use.

Tutorial of The Magic Flight Launch Box



For Dry Herbs Only
Fits right in the middle of your palm so very small
Rechargeable AA NIHM batteries
Handcrafted by artist

What Comes In The Box

The Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer
2x rechargeable NIMH glyph batteries
battery charger
Glass draw stem
Cleaning brush
User manual


It’s Super tiny making it easy to use anywhere
Easy rechargeable batteries
Has a couple attachments to have alternative vape methods
The designs on the vape are handcrafted


It cab easy to loose cause of its size
Not much of a big load out
Has a special battery charger so you can’t just use a micro USB like most vapes

The Final Verdict

Overall the Magic Flight-launch box has a very stylish and cool look to it with a small body to go with making it to discreet to not use for those that are always on the go. It’s very user-friendly too with some very neat attachments to enjoy different vaping methods. Its just an all-round great working vaporizer you can use anywhere from just relaxing at home to conveniently being able to take a couple tokes at the office.

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