Ultimate Pinnacle PRO DLX Vaporizer Review

The PinnaclePRODLX Portable Vaporizer Designed and produced by The VaporBlunt, a California-based manufacturer of vaping devices and accessories, PinnaclePRODLX is one of the smallest portable vaporizers currently available on the market and it has been specifically created to allow users to leverage a rewarding and sophisticated vaping experience anywhere they go to. With a durable, sleek and cutting-edge design, this recently launched pocket-friendly device, measuring as little as 6 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter incorporates a Hydrotube adapter that provides water filtration for extra clean and distinctively flavorful vapor.


What’s in the Pinnacle Pro DLX Box?


Combining convenient portability, versatility, multi-functionality, ease of use, high performance and durability, this brand new, revolutionary vaporizer has been specifically designed for health-conscious vaping afficionados who are looking to enjoy their favorite dried blends, essential oils and waxes, either on the go or in the comfort of their own homes. As such, the Pinnacle Pro DLX Box encompasses the following items:


– the Pinnacle Pro vaporizer unit, which is made of high-impact plastic, comes in sleek, classy black and flashes blue when it is on

– the Hydrotube, a transparent glass water tool attachment that is new to this technologically advanced model, measures 5.2 inches in length and 1.1 inches in width and goes on top of the Hydrotube adapter

– the pong or Hydrotube adapter, available in two colors- clear and black

– two herb chambers

– one essential oil and wax chamber

– two mouthpieces

– an AC adapter

– PinnaclePRODLX comes with other accessories that include a utility tool, a cleaning brush and a pipe cleaner.


One Button Operation and Five Different Heat Settings To Choose From In Order to Suit Your Vaping Needs and Preferences


What differentiates this all-new PinnaclePRODLX vaporizer from the previous Pinnacle model manufactured by The VaporBlunt is its impressive range of 5 different yet easily recognizable heat settings ( #1- marked by a white light, #2- marked by two green lights, #3 – marked by three yellow lights, #4 – marked by four orange lights and the hottest, #5 – marked by five purple lights) to match any vaping needs, taste and expectations. Another impressive aspect regarding PinnaclePRODLX is that it only takes around 30 seconds to 1 minute to heat up ( depending on the selected heat setting) and you can vape away at will.


One Year Warranty From The Date of Purchase


In case a PinnaclePRODLX vaporizer defect arises and Vaporblunt receives a claim within the 1-year warranty period, the manufacturer will either repair the defect or exchange the defective vaporizer with a device that is repaired or replaced with a new unit. Batteries are covered by the manufacturer for a period of 90 days.


The Pros of PinnaclePRODLX


– this multi-purpose, top quality portable vaporizer offers users the opportunity to vaporize their favorite oils, waxes as well as dried blends with plenty of vapor production

– pocket-friendly size and easy portability- filling and emptying the Hydrotube is done easy, straight through the top

– 50-minute battery life, supported by the automatic shut-off features that kicks in after eight minutes of use

– 1 year warranty from the manufacturer


The con of PinnaclePRODLX ( for some only) is the fact that the Pinnacle Pro unit is available only in black and it may not appeal to users who enjoy more colorful devices. Aesthetics aside, the pros of PinnaclePRODLX are too good to be overshadowed by such a minor detail.


Bottom Line
An excellent value for money, the innovative and durable PinnaclePRODLX portable vaporizer from The VaporBlunt incorporating the high-tech Hydrotube adapter to facilitate richly flavorful and the cleanest vapor makes a smart choice for any discerning vaping enthusiast looking to make the most out of vaping done right, whether at home or on the go. The verdict is that the PinnaclePRODLX is a great vape despite its very small size and it is definitely worth purchasing whether you are new at vaping or a versed user.