Ultimate Pinnacle PRO Portable Vaporizer Review

We live in a world and age where people are mostly looking for quality products that are reliable, easy to use and affordable. The same rule applies when it comes to vaporizers. Out of the multitude of vaporizing devices available on the market, the Pinnacle Pro is one of the best portable vaporizers that hit the market lately, a vaporizer that really stands out of the crowd due to its unique features and benefits.

The Pinnacle PRO Portable vape is truly sleek, compact and stylish, allowing for a perfect vaporization of not only dry herbs, but also concentrates and oils too. This device is made by VaporBlunt, a top company based in California that is well versed in designing and manufacturing vaporizers and accessories. Some of the best products made by VaporBlunt include VaporBlunt 2.0 DLX, Pinnacle Pro DLX, Pinnacle DLX and Pinnacle.

Pinnacle Pro is considered one of the best vaporizer for weed and yet one of the wisest choices when it comes to compact or “stealth” vapes. This vape can also be used while charging and is equipped with a mouthpiece that enables you to connect the device to any water pipe. According to some reviewers, this groundbreaking product from VaporBlunt gives many famous vaporizers a run for their money. Here we can list Pax by Ploom, DaVinci Ascent and Arizer Solo. Overall, although Pinnacle Pro has some obvious drawbacks, this device is hard to beat.

Out of the Box

Basically, this device comes only in black. When you buy it, you get the device, the main charger, oil canister, herbal filling canister, pipe cleaner, cleaning tool, standard mouthpiece, glass-lined water tool adapter, utility tool, charging dock and obviously the user’s manual. The carry case is built from high-graded microscopic charcoal particles that create a protective membrane. This membrane protects your device from unwanted aromas and moisture. Additionally, the interior of the case is encompassed in foam padding to protect your investment in case it slips and hits the ground.

How Does it Work?

Using this portable vaporizer is as easy as pie. Simply press the button on the front for two seconds. Next, press it once to cycle through the temp settings. You have 5 settings to choose from:

– 370 Fahrenheit – white

– 395 F – blue

– 420 F – green

– 445 F – orange

– 470 F – purple

Pros and Cons

As said before, although this is one of the best portable vaporizers available on the market, is has some negative aspects.


– Can vape both herbs and concentrates: very few vaporizers can do that, and only at a very high cost.

– You can use it while charging.

– Standard plastic-on-glass mouthpiece: you can use it on most portable vaporizers.

– Portability: its size makes it extremely portable. You can fit it in any pocket – 13 cm x 2.5 cm is much smaller than a standard smartphone.



– Plastic mouthpiece: the flavor is not as rich as what other vaporizers have to offer.

– Not great battery life: you can use it for about an hour and then you need another 3 hours to recharge it.

The Bottom Line : All in all, the Pinnacle Pro portable vape is a great choice for the everyday herb user. However, if you need something more advanced, with more temp settings and a richer vapor, you should definitely look for something else.