Vape Buying Guide

Guide To Buying A Portable Vaporizer

How do you choose the best vape pen? Well here are some general things you should keep in mind while searching for yours:

  1. Durability: After falling in love with these devices I feel as if though a vape pen is an investment that you would want to last a while, so when searching for that special vape, either for you or as a gift make sure it’s durable. The best portable vaporizers are designed to last, so don’t put off getting one even if they cost a little more cause the market is full of cheap vapes that break within an unexpectedly short period of time.
  2. Portability:  I don’t see the use in getting a vaporizer that’s just as bulky as my favorite pipe or bong, I mean the whole premise of vapes is their convenience and discreetness.  There are a lot of manufacturers producing vape pens too big to be used on-the-go or in public, so make sure to look for ease of use in the reviews.
  3. Easy Charging: Most vaporizers have Lithium-ion batteries that can hold a long charge, and there are others that come with disposable batteries. I would recommend the Lithium battery-powered versions for their continuous ease of use and eco-friendliness, so I recommend you take notice of the” battery” details when comparing reviews.
  4. Taste and Vapor Density: Each vaporizer pen gives out a unique taste and texture; some will give out greater vapor output than others, so let’s choose the best vaping device that suits your personal needs.

Apart from these couple of tips, there are other important factors to consider such as maintenance requirement, ease of fill or loading, and the ease of use of the device or its special features, so make sure you do the necessary research to determine exactly what you want. Just keep these tips in mind when choosing your portable vaporizer. Don’t forget to check out our other guide for more tips and information: A Connoisseur’s Guide To Vaporizers and Vape Pens 

Balling On a Budget But You Want The Best? How?

For those looking for a budget product nothing beats the Cloud V. At just under $ 80, it blows away the competition in this price range. Most vaporizer pens in this range are inferior products that lack good construction and durability. Not so with Cloud V., It is also so discreet that you will never have to worry about it raising suspicions. The Cloud V can very easily pass off for an e-cig. Like I said earlier, an amazing product for the price.

I have to mention another awesome pen vape that did not make it to the list of the Firefly Vaporizer. This gorgeous device has seen a lot of hype in the last few months, and much this hype is highly justified. Loose leaf or herb can be placed in it for vaping. It is also very easy to use and convenient in size. The only problem is the price. Whether it is worth $ 270 is highly debatable. I definitely feel that it is too much. If you have to fork out so much money over a vaporizer pen, there definitely needs to be some truly mind-blowing features. Unfortunately, I did not find anything of that sort with the Firefly.

Another thing to keep in mind is that though I have tried to keep the parameters as general as possible, some personal bias could have crept in. We all have different tastes and opinions so I would recommend that you figure out which is the best vape pen for you. I have highlighted the most important features of some of the highest quality vaporizers you will find on the market. Follow your personal tastes and preferences to select the right vape for you. Use this list as a handy reference guide in your search. Vaping is a very rewarding experience but you need to have the right product to get the most out of it.

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